Ali Michael by Chadwick Tyler

The study of an artist's life, his perspective, and his oeuvre.




Limited Edition 500 Copies

Cover, Ali Michael by Chadwick Tyler

doc·u·mento (däk’yu-men-tö) noun. A document is a written, drawn, presented or recorded representation of thoughts. Originating from the Latin Documentum meaning lesson – the verb doceõ means to teach, and is pronounced similarly, in the past it was usually used as a term for a written proof used as evidence. In the computer age, a document is usually used to describe a primarily textual file, along with its structure and design, such as fonts, colors and additional images.

Documento works as a registry of the intimacy behind the intimacy. A vessel that brings us closer to the work we admire and the people behind it. This is the study of an artist’s life, his perspective and his oeuvre.

3-Piece Booklet
60 Pages
B5 (17.6 X 25 Cms)
Uncoated Paper
Protective Plastic Bag