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An everlasting daily calendar by P Magazine

Every day, we turn the page to discover a new reality. In times when all we need is optimism and positivity, the beauty of the world and human nature can inspire us.
Perennial is a collection of art and sensuality, that celebrates the work of the artists who have been a part of our journey.
Time is an illusion.


  • Chadwick Tyler,

  • Purienne,

  • Michael Donovan,

  • Mariana García,

  • David Bellemere,

  • Claire Rothstein,

  • Zackery Michael,

  • Nat Lanyon,

  • Join The Cool,

  • Dominic Clarke,

  • Gustavo García-Villa,

  • Alessandro Casagrande,

  • Sergio del Amo,

  • Danny Lane,

  • Maddalena Arcelloni,

  • Lukáš Dvořák,

  • Marcus Paarmann,

  • Luke Brossette,

  • Patrick Knot,

  • Anvar Norov,

  • Caroline Mackintosh,

  • Jennifer Stenglein,

  • Dennis Stenild,

  • Sam Livm,

  • Andrew Miller,

  • Curated by Mariana García & Rik Bracho