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P Nº5

ETERNAL — The Fifth Book

There’s no end, no beginning. A state of perpetuity, where time does not rule.
The mere existence of a being beyond the transcendent.
Beautiful as immortality, forever desired.


Victoria Germyn By Chadwick Tyler

  • Michael Donovan,

  • Pol Agustí,

  • Mariana García,

  • Bryan Liston,

  • Mikkel Kristensen,

  • Luc Braquet,

  • Korbinian Vogt,

  • María Conejo,

  • Mrzyk & Moriceau,

  • Jeff Olson,

  • Nat Lanyon,

  • Abbey Drucker,

  • Danny Lane,

  • Claire Rothstein,

  • Remi Kozdra + Kasia Baczulis,

  • Dennis Swiatkowski,

  • Curated by Monumento.Co