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POETIC — The Infinite Book

Human nature is poetic; it can only be interpreted in an imaginative and sensitive form of expression, yet it is still structured, rhythmic and universally pleasing. As humans we can only use our mind and our senses, but it is our soul that has the ability to create beyond reality. As human beings, we are poetry in its most beautiful manifestation, and this book is an ode to our nature, the most precious and perfect form of creation.


Inka by Yexley, Jessie by Donari, Clara by Théo, Gabriela by Bellemere

  • Blasto,

  • Marcus Paarmann,

  • Asher Moss,

  • Olivia McCann,

  • Danny Lane,

  • Juan Hdz,

  • Cecy Young,

  • Alaric Macdonald,

  • Hernán Regiardo,

  • Sayana Khan,

  • Andrea Arzac,

  • Lotte Van Raalte,

  • A Project By Phamilia.