In this photographic series, my humble creative approach could be defined as simple documentation of my subject through our day and night gateway, with a carnal focus. The result reflects the actual process; semi-assumed behind-the-scenes footage of segments of life. We’re contemplating Elissa, wandering around mainly in nature. Deeply honest, conceptual and sometimes modestly staged, her relaxed attitude and the often homogenous background make the whole rendering appear like a living esquisse.

Enlightened by a fireplace fire, a side of the window, or the cloudy sky bouncing on the snow, it translates the atmosphere as a subject in itself. We can get “unfiltered” snapshots. It irrigates an intimate and authentic environment closer to a documentary than an editorial. It’s somewhere in the grey area between personal souvenir footage and a stagged series. Dreamily structured in a rural area, she coalesces with her surrounding, forming a united spirit with subtle storytelling.

Having left the red zone of the city during the most severe part of the Covid 19 lockdowns, we found ourselves in great need of isolation in the countryside multiple times. The image itself does not necessarily translate a visual representation of the confinement, but they are rather a product of its effect; We are staying longer in every place we visit, looking longer at everything, closer and deeper. Thus, pointing my camera at something that I would usually selfishly keep for my own eyes. It’s not plainly an attempt of making something out of a banal situation, but rather having the luxury of living it completely and also having the time to capture it without any rush that could shatter the essence of the moment, and therefore, your symbiosis with the subject.