FEATURE,Documento Número 1
Chadwick Tyler

1975; USA
Featuring, Ali Michael & Hannah Holman

Documento works as a registry of the intimacy behind the intimacy. A vessel that brings us closer to the work we admire and the people behind it. This is the study of an artist’s life, his perspective and his oeuvre.

The first edition of documento explores the life and work of Chadwick Tyler. Born in Valrico, USA in 1975, and based in NY, Chadwick has become one of the most prominent photographers in the art and fashion scene. His work, unaltered, raw and honest, beautifully blends intimacy and playfulness and expresses a certain aura and charisma based in humanity and love for the feminine figure. documento allows us to observe a selection of his personal photography that ended shaping up his actual work, such as his collaborations with P MAGAZINE.