by Jonathan Leder

Diane has a problem. Prescription pills used to ease the temptation. But like pause buttons worn low, meds no longer suppress the fire inside. Pitch black memories Diane formerly repressed are now drawn into the destructive light. And the clock ticks on a spiral of promiscuities that will immolate her.

Desperate for a solution, any solution, Diane consults a psychotherapist. His track record is stellar yet his method is strict. He recommends permanently exhausting Diane’s carnal neurosis. Each unruly session will be recorded and subjected to scrutiny. Diane’s therapist promised a cure. Instead he unlocked their sickness. To traverse the nightmare, Diane must push her body to the brink.

Jonathan Leder is an American film director, screenwriter, and producer. He is the founder of Imperial Pictures LTD, a pioneer of the new Cinema Brut style. Mr. Leder is currently in production on the horror feature, American Ecstasy.

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